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October 4, 2019 0 Comments

When it comes to marketing strategies, many new companies develop flashy creative to get their brand noticed. They might think that the marketing plan IS the creative.

Perhaps you’ve contracted with freelance graphic designers or consultants or tasked your sales team with handling this lengthy endeavor. As a result, you’ll likely have an eye-catching logo, banner, ads, fliers, and other materials that you hope will launch your company to the next level.

But several new companies don’t receive the big response they wanted, experiencing disappointment after all the hard work.

They ask internal questions that target the creative process itself: Did the logo and advertisements grab attention? Was the flier or other marketing materials too wordy? Did we choose the right fonts, or icons, or images to convey our message and attract customers?

Have you been wondering why your marketing materials seemed to have failed? You probably aren’t asking the right questions.


Don’t Rethink the Design – Redesign Your Marketing Plan.

It’s all too common that after a lukewarm product launch, sales and management teams will go back to the drawing board to revisit their creative designs.

But if you loved your initial marketing products, logos, and other attributes, then the design isn’t the problem with grabbing attention. Instead, it’s your overall marketing strategy.

Think of your last drive on a busy interstate, or the last time you opened up a local newspaper or magazine. Do you remember the billboards that lined the highway? Or the flashy ads and logos that graced the pages of your periodical?

Chances are the answer is no, and it’s because you weren’t engaged.

It’s one thing to show potential new customers that you exist, but it’s another altogether to get them to remember and interact with your brand. Today’s consumers can’t just be told about a new product. They want to see, smell, and experience it for themselves while having a deeper connection that fosters brand loyalty. They want to trust that they will make a good decision to buy your product.


What Marketing Plans Have Worked on You?

Think of the new products that you’ve recently discovered and loved.

How did you uncover these products? Did you glance at an advertisement or flier, or did you get to taste and sample the product itself before buying? Did you find that they contributed to an event or cause that you yourself connect with? Or did they catch your attention at a pop-up retail space or market?

Connecting with customers is your best bet when it comes to effective marketing. And best of all, it’s far less expensive than overhauling your brand identity and designs.

Worried that your marketing materials aren’t doing the trick? DON’T take a closer look at the design. Take a closer look at how you are using these materials instead.

With in-depth guidance into the realm of Experiential Marketing, and identifying the strategies and opportunities that fit with your budget, you can use your existing materials to make an impactful first impression.


We’ll Help You Use Your Creative Efficiently

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Redesign Your Marketing Plan
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