So, What Exactly Is Cause Marketing?

cause marketing
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Cause marketing is a mutually-beneficial relationship between a corporation and a nonprofit organization.

When carried out successfully, the relationship can offer both increased awareness for the nonprofit’s cause and increased sales for the business.

However, not every cause marketing relationship will be successful. Here are some things to look for when searching for that perfect partnership.

Similar or Complementary Vision

Align with someone with a vision to match your own, whether you’re trying to reach a specific, local audience, or to become a global leader in your field.

A successful cause marketing relationship is best achieved between two parties with similar company culture. Look for ideas your customers will equally support.

The goal is to reach a particular demographic, so look for an organization with ideas that will engage the same group you’re targeting.

Survey Your Employees

Ask your employees for their input. This goes straight to the source. They are, after all, supportive of your company’s work.

Asking your employees what matters most to them will help you identify the issues that matter most in your company.

Listening to your employees’ passions will get you closer to what your customers also care about. It will make your employees feel more enthusiastic about their work, knowing that it contributes to a good cause they care about.

Business Growth Opportunities

Keep your business and marketing strategies in mind when considering sponsorship opportunities.

  • To whom does the nonprofit organization communicate?
  • What does it say to those people?

Think about what you’re trying to achieve concretely, be it customer retention or attracting new audiences, and be sure that your new relationship cultivates the same.

Consider what the terms of that relationship will be, concerning such aspects as logo use or signage at certain events.

In-Kind Sponsorship

If you’re a smaller business, you may not have the money to donate to a cause. But this doesn’t mean you have to rule out cause marketing altogether.

You still have something to contribute, whether it’s your goods or services, or your business’ space to host an event.

Social Media For Social Change

Social media is a great place to increase marketing power. When you’re looking for a cause marketing partnership, pay special attention to how these organizations are using social media.

If you both have active online presences, you’ll be able to help each other much more with exposure.

Have A Backup Plan

Sometimes, the relationship just doesn’t work out. Either one of you wasn’t clear about your expectations, or the partnership wasn’t a good fit.

If this is the case, have a way to let your customers know. Explain what the situation is and how you plan to do better in the future.

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So, What Exactly Is Cause Marketing?
Cause marketing is a mutually-beneficial relationship between a corporation and a nonprofit organization.

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