Avoid These Mistakes in Cause Marketing Campaigns

Sheila Steinmark
April 20, 2017 0 Comments

We’ve explored the huge benefits of implementing a cause marketing strategy in your business, but it’s also important to note the potential problems.

Cause marketing can have a great impact on your company, but if done in the wrong manner it will only alienate your customers.

Avoid these mistakes and ensure your organization’s cause marketing strategy success!

Don’t Disappear

If you team up with an organization for just one event and then disappear, supporters will notice. And they won’t be happy.

With the ease and popularity of social media and sharing information online, a single slip-up could become a PR snafu.

Avoid this by regularly checking in with your partner organization and sharing updates online to let followers know your business is still committed to their cause.

Don’t Get (Too) Comfortable

While your relationship with your non-profit should be comfortable, you don’t want to watch your strategy become irrelevant for consumers.

Frequently review your social responsibility initiatives and update partnerships with new causes or seek new ways to communicate your message to consumers to keep them engaged.

Remember, when consumers actively participate in your cause they will likely become loyal customers.

Don’t Partner Blindly

Finding the right partner for a cause marketing campaign is crucial.

It’s important that you find the right organization for your business as not to confuse your consumers and potential new base of supporters.

Jumping into a partnership could end up hurting your business more than helping.

Take your time when researching organizations to partner with and make sure that you choose a non-profit that will provide a solid working relationship.

Don’t Forget the Cause

Tying into the first point of upsetting consumers, you must never let the marketing come before the cause.

The partnership must be a balanced one. And if you’re using your partner just to blast their contact list with promotional e-mails, you need to take a step back and reflect on your reasons for entering this partnership.

Consider partnering with an organization, choosing the cause and then incorporating that cause into your communications with clients.

This will lead current customers and potential customers to appreciate your business more as they see you are totally committed to the charity.

Don’t Announce Prematurely

Sometimes companies are so excited to get out that first press release, they broadcast their new partnerships before they establish a solid plan.

You don’t want to publicize a campaign that you haven’t fully formed. Or you’ll just be confusing consumers and taking away the “wow” factor that you could benefit from if you were announcing a high functioning campaign.

Avoid announcing any “victories” if your young campaign hasn’t even had time to make a true impact yet.

While cause marketing can be a hazardous endeavor, if you can navigate your campaign correctly and keep these tips in mind, the rewards will be worth it.

 Reach out to us for a consultation on how to launch an impressive cause marketing campaign! 

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Avoid These Mistakes in Cause Marketing Campaigns
We’ve explored the huge benefits of implementing a cause marketing strategy in your business, but it’s also important to note the potential problems.

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