Key Features of Great Experiential Events

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Some moments in life are unforgettable. Your first concert, your first job, first promotion, your favorite vacation, or anything that left a lasting impression. Then, there are those many other things you don’t remember (and don’t need to). For example, those billboards on the side of the road on your way home. Or any commercials during your favorite television show. So if you’re a company that wants to boost your success, getting past this hurdle of consumers’ memory retention by creating a lasting impression is key. This is where experiential events come into play.

Think back on all the experiences that stuck in your memory. They were something unique, and something special. They were distinctive from the other encounters you have with people and products. And they provided a memorable experience with a lingering “surprise and delight” response.

An effective experiential event provides both of these factors to their customers – a distinctive experience, and a positive memory. For crafting the most effective experience possible, many top-notch experiential events share a few key factors in common…

Four Factors That Make Great Experiential Events

1. The experiential event sets you apart

A great experiential event isn’t something that everyone in your industry is doing. It’s unique, it’s relevant to your brand and customer base, and it makes you stand out in a crowd.


2. It provides a comprehensive introduction to your company

Today’s consumers want to know more about a company and / or a product before they invest their time, money, and loyalty. A great experiential event allows them to do just that. In addition, it provides a more personal relationship with your business, and what you have to offer.


3. The experiential event deserves to be shared

We’re in an age where we don’t just store our most memorable events in our memories. Now, they’re cemented on social media and the internet for everyone to see.

A great experiential event drives people to post photos, videos, and positive commentary to their own sphere through Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other social media channels. In turn, this preserves the memory for the folks you interacted with, as well as their countless friends.


4. The experiential event creates a positive vibe

Whether it’s playing an integral role in a charity event, or just providing a few enticing product samples from friendly brand ambassadors, a great experiential event leaves your customers with an overwhelmingly positive feeling about your company. If your interactions lead to a smile and a positive response, you are far more likely to gain a lifelong customer well after the initial experience is over.


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Key Features of Great Experiential Events
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