What Is Experiential Marketing and Why Is It Special?

what is experiential marketing
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Top marketers are always finding new strategies and developments that affect their industry. And arguably many of these involve the digital world. From social media marketing to SEO, the internet era has introduced new opportunities to spread the word about your company.

But what about other ways?

However, there’s one thing that internet marketing can’t provide: a one-on-one experience.

This is where experiential marketing becomes instrumental to your success. It’s therefore a tool for connecting with customers on multiple levels. And your company can incorporate experiential marketing to make a big impact that resonates longer.


New to Experiential Marketing? Here’s How it Works.

Experiential marketing is a strategy that directly engages with your customer. It does this by creating a memorable and genuine connection with your brand. Though the exact experiences can vary based on your company’s goals and products, the end result is the same. A new customer case, within your target market. And even better comes a growing reputation for your company that stands out from your competitors.

It’s important to note that experiential marketing isn’t just having a booth at a tradeshow. And it’s also not just hanging a banner at a local community event.

Being present at area events, trade shows, farmers markets, etc., isn’t enough to qualify as successful experiential marketing. Your potential customers need to see, taste, smell, touch and / or hear your products. As a result, they will enjoy the full experience. This is hence how you make a lasting impression. And this is how you boost your brand and influence on future buying behaviors.

Need a clearer picture? Here are a few examples of what experiential marketing entails…

Some Examples

  • A pop-up event in a retail space that introduces your line of products to the world.
  • Hosting a special event that ties in with your industry, attracting potential customers while creating face-to-face connections.
  • Providing product samples and interactions at a farmers market, trade show, or sporting event.
  • Sponsoring a charity event that aligns with your company’s values, and being actively involved to solidify your great reputation in the community.

Experiential marketing is not a one-size-fits all endeavor. But you don’t have to be a huge corporation to enjoy the benefits that can only stem from personal interactions.

So, are you ready to take your marketing to the next level and interact with consumer?


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What Is Experiential Marketing and Why Is It Special?
What is experiential marketing? Here’s a basic overview of what you need to know about experiential marketing compared to other forms of modern marketing.

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