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We don’t all have the money to rent out Times Square for an experiential marketing campaign. But a lower budget doesn’t have to mean less effective.

The success of experiential marketing lies largely in connecting emotionally with consumers and providing a rich sensory experience to get them to remember your brand.

When done well, this can create measurable success for your business, even on a tight budget.

Six Ways to Do Marketing on a Budget

Use Free Email Services

One way to engage with your consumers before and throughout an experiential marketing campaign is online via email.

You can use email to spread a message about a campaign event, keep consumers up to date, and request consumer feedback.

Many email management services provide free options for smaller email lists. If you are a smaller business looking for a budget-friendly option, this could be a great option for you.

Incorporate Social Media

You can get a lot of attention for your marketing campaign by effective use of social media. Incorporate social media into your approach to get consumers to help you with your marketing for little or no cost.

You can include small incentives to consumers for liking an event page, checking in online or sharing with friends. Creating a Facebook page for your event is also free, and just takes time for the creation and monitoring.

Find a Relevant Partnership

Finding a business or charity that complements your own can be a great way to boost your image at a lower cost.

Find another organization to work together, co-sponsor an event, and cross-promote. Both of you will benefit from the exposure, and you can split costs.

Offer Valuable Information

If you take the time to understand your customers, you’ll know what they need or are looking for. Find out what kind of information would be helpful to them, and offer it through your campaign.

Incorporating fun, engaging ways to inform is a marketing tactic that doesn’t have to cost you much money. Combine information that your consumers will value with sensory engagement.

You’ll get an experience that consumers remember and are emotionally connected to.

Offer Free Sampling

Sampling gives your brand a chance to engage with more of a consumer’s senses than just sight. The most obvious use of this tactic is when selling food or beverages, but you still have options if your product has a scent, or even if it’s something consumers can physically feel.

Furniture, for example, can be “sampled.” Think creatively about how you can save money on experiential marketing and give consumers the unique opportunity to sample your product.

Take Advantage of Existing Events

Like seeking a partnership with another brand, if you can find a relevant event to participate in, you can save a lot of money for your campaign.

Research your target audience and understand where and when you can best reach them. This also takes advantage of an already-created atmosphere.

If you get your brand involved with a concert, you have the positive energy and experience of the music and environment to attach your brand to in consumers’ minds.

Look at different living communities or conventions, and see if you can run your experiential marketing event in these spaces.

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Marketing on a Budget
We don’t all have the money to rent out Times Square for an experiential marketing campaign. But a lower marketing budget doesn’t mean less effective.

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