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When creating an experiential marketing campaign, you may consider setting up the event in different locations to target different audiences.

You can do this with a mobile marketing tour, which takes your campaign on the road. However, the logistics of such a campaign can be a lot to figure out.

The right experiential marketing team can help take care of the details, but here are some considerations to expect.

What Audiences Are You Trying to Reach?

A major benefit of the mobile tour is you can tailor your campaign to each different audience. But that means thinking about how each audience is different and will feel most catered to.

So your campaign will have to answer the question of what makes each audience different from the others and then rise to the occasion.

How Long Will the Tour Last?

Will this tour be going on for a week, or multiple years? The answer to the question might depend heavily on the distance there is to travel.

But there could also be other reasons to motivate you to leave more or less time between setups.

Perhaps you want to leave time for word to spread, or to scout out each place along the way. Maybe this is a major campaign that you want to keep using to remind people about your brand over a long period.

Whatever you decide, this is a question to be answered ahead of time. It will greatly affect the planning process leading up to the start of the tour.

How Do You Want the Displays Arranged on the Vehicle?

A mobile tour’s mobility rests on vehicle transportation. That vehicle will be seen not only at each event setup, but also on the road along the way.

It’s a chance to continue to advertise your campaign, if perhaps in a less directed way. Your vehicle could have advertisements on the outside, inside, or both.

Will You Have Brand Ambassadors Along the Way?

Do you need to get in touch with your brand ambassadors or cultivate relationships with new ones before you set out on your tour?

If your mobile marketing tour spans multiple cities and states, it could do more good for the brand if you have local ambassadors at each point who understand the local audience.

Consider who you’re going to want to participate. Give notice to those you want around and plan with them to ensure that they can make it.

What Are the Passes and Papers Your Campaign Needs?

Each location will likely have different requirements for you to set up your marketing event. First, be sure each of the places you want to use is actually usable for your purposes.

Research in advance what kind of paperwork needs to be filled out, and whether you need to apply for any permits or get anybody’s approval.

These are just a few of the considerations you’ll have to make for your tour, but you won’t have to make them all on your own.

When you hire the Marketing Ops Group, you’ll have logistical help every step of the way.

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Mobile Marketing Tour Tips
When creating an experiential marketing campaign, you may consider setting up the event in different locations to target different audiences. Here are some considerations to expect.

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