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June 5, 2017 0 Comments

When it comes to experiential marketing, there’s a major unifying factor amongst your potential and current customers alike: that little piece of technology that nearly everyone carries around in their pockets or purses.

By successfully incorporating the cell phone into your campaign, you allow consumers a more personalized interaction with your brand.

You also take advantage of the perfect avenue through which consumers can help you advertise your event.

With this mobile aspect to your marketing campaign, you can:

  • Get yourself on apps
  • Send text messages
  • Encourage participants to share
  • Give them access to links with more information

Phones are not a new addition to the marketing game, so think creatively and find as many ways as possible to use phones in marketing.

QR Codes

QR codes connect users to a web page quickly and seamlessly. Users scan the code and are brought to a specific web page, which could be a product page or your company’s homepage.

You can use these to direct users to exactly where they can buy or discover more about your products. You can show them comparisons to prices or costs of other brands.

They could take the users to further interactions with your campaign, or allow them to “like” your brand’s Facebook page. Use the QR code to streamline the user’s experience with your brand.

Another important part of experiential marketing campaigns is gathering consumer feedback.

You can use a QR code to direct users to a quick survey for feedback about their experiences at your event. This feedback can be used to assist you in measuring the ROI of the campaign.

Location-Based Marketing

Many smartphone users are looking to their phones for extremely location-specific information. Link the marketing of your experiential campaign to location-based search keywords.

Send your event information to local online publications like community newsletters and local blogs.

Use these online venues to reach out to people in the area, so that the community knows your event is coming. This makes it easier for them to reach out to others and help you promote your own event.

Text Offers

You can also offer to send users the latest offers for your brand through text message. Your texts can publicize events and sales concisely, offer discounts or request a short customer survey.

Remember that consumers don’t always give out their phone numbers easily, so strong incentives can help.

Augmented Reality Apps

Augmented reality adds some tech to reality. It takes what’s there in front of users and combines that with something virtual.

An augmented reality component with cell phones can be a unique way to get your audience to participate in your marketing campaign.

Create the most effective experiential marketing campaign today by using your consumers’ cellular devices. Use these methods and put your own creative spin on them.

Reach out and encourage consumers to use their phones in various ways to engage with your brand. And then let them do the rest!

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Using Phones in Experiential Marketing
When it comes to experiential marketing, there's a major unifying factor amongst your potential and current customers alike: a piece of technology almost everyone carries.

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